Who Is Bhad Bhabie's Boyfriend? All About Le Vaughn (2024)

Bhad Bhabie and her boyfriend, Le Vaughn, are parents!

Bhad Bhabie — born Danielle Marie Bregoli — rose to fame after her appearance on Dr. Phil in 2016 and is now embarking on a new personal chapter. The rapper and Le Vaughn have been dating since July 2020, and he appeared on her YouTube channel for the first time later that fall.

Since then, Le Vaughn has starred in other videos with his girlfriend, but they have mostly kept their relationship under wraps. The duo started giving fans a glimpse into their lives, though, when he posted his first photo with Bhad Bhabie in August 2023, when they went to a concert.

In December 2023, the "Geek'd" artist announced she is expecting her first child with Le Vaughn in a now-deleted post on Instagram. A few months later, the couple welcomed their baby girl in March 2024.

So who is Bhad Bhabie's boyfriend? Here’s everything to know about Le Vaughn and his relationship with the rapper.

They have been dating since 2020

Bhad Bhabie and Le Vaughn began dating on July 1, 2020, with him first appearing on her YouTube channel in November 2020. In the almost 10-minute clip, she's joined by her boyfriend and other friends as they play a game while eating.

Later that winter, in February 2021, Le Vaughn and Bhad Bhabie’s best friend answered questions about the rapper in a different YouTube video. During the trivia game, he made a rare comment about their relationship, explaining the couple’s immediate attraction to each other.

“The first day we seen each other, we were together,” he said. “We just connect. Boom!”

While Bhad Bhabie and Le Vaughn often delete pictures from their Instagram accounts, he shared pictures of them at a concert in August 2023 on the social media platform.

Le Vaughn has a passion for fashion

Le Vaughn highlights his unique personal style on his Instagram account. From black-and-white spotted sweatpants to graphic T-shirts and Nike sneakers, he favors athletic wear with a flair.

One of his favorite brands is Balenciaga, and he shared since-deleted photos from a shopping spree with Bhad Bhabie at one of the brand's stores in December 2023. Le Vaughn also tagged the clothing brand in outfit pictures from New Year’s Day in January 2024.

They announced their pregnancy in December 2023

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On Dec. 1, 2023, Bhad Bhabie announced on Instagram that she was pregnant with her first child with Le Vaughn. (He has a son from a previous relationship.)

She shared two mirror selfies, in which she wore a plain white T-shirt that showed off her baby bump and gray sweatpants, forgoing a caption to share her exciting news with her followers.

Later that month, Bhad Bhabie revealed that she and Le Vaughn were expecting a baby girl when she collaborated on a campaign with fashion designer Marc Jacobs for her sex reveal photo shoot.

She spotlighted one of the pictures on her Instagram page, which showed her sitting on a motorcycle surrounded by pink exhaust smoke. "💗ITS🎀A💓GIRL💖," she wrote in her caption.

Bhad Bhabie told Women’s Wear Daily that her pregnancy news had leaked right before the photo shoot was scheduled.

“We thought it would be cool to try and do a gender reveal with the images so we had some fun with it," she told the outlet. "I’m really just enjoying this whole experience and grateful I have these amazing pictures to share with my daughter one day.”

They welcomed their first child in March 2024

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Bhad Babie and Le Vaughn welcomed their daughter, Kali Love, in March 2024. She announced the news with a black-and-white photo on her Instagram Story on March 15. In the picture, she holds the newborn, though her face is covered with a hat and blanket.

Just weeks earlier at the end of February, Bhad Bhabie told PEOPLE how she and Le Vaughn had chosen their child's name.

"The name doesn't really have any specific meaning, it's just his mom picked the middle name and then I had a list of five names I liked, and Kali was one of them," she said. "I thought that Love went good with Kali."

They have matching tattoos

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The couple has also expressed their love for each other in ink.

Bhad Bhabie got Le Vaughn’s name tattooed on her chest in cursive red ink, as well as another tattoo honoring him — his birthday date in numbers, “1111,” according to TMZ. (Bhad Bhabie confirmed his birthday in an Instagram post in November 2023.)

In return, Le Vaughn also got Bhad Bhabie’s birth name, "Danielle Marie," tattooed in black cursive on his neck. The pair shared now-deleted photos on their social media accounts to commemorate the moment.

Who Is Bhad Bhabie's Boyfriend? All About Le Vaughn (2024)


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