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Camp Louemma
Sussex, NJ

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973-287-7264 - Winter
973-875-4403 - Summer

43 Louemma Lane
Sussex, NJ 07461

48 Stiles Lane
Suite 202
Pine Brook, NJ 07058

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TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

AFFILIATION(S): Jewish. Foundation for Jewish Camp

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Camp Louemma is a Traditional Coed Sleepaway Camp in Northern New Jersey -Only 70 miles from New York City! For more than 70 years, boys and girls, ages 7-15 have been building lifelong friendships and lasting memories at Camp Louemma. Located on 152 scenic acres along the Appalachian Trail, we offer a warm and caring family atmosphere where each child is an integral part of our camp community.

Dance, Theater, Musical Theater, Music/Band, Fine Arts/Crafts, Video/Filmmaking/Photography, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Waterfront/Aquatics, Volleyball, Team Sports, Math, Science, Technology, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, and more. Camp Louemma Also Offers Gaga, Roller Hockey, Softball, Tether-ball, Handball, Fishing, Kayaking, Paddle Boats, Brand New Pool With Water Slides, Ceramics & Pottery, Dance, Radio Station, Archery, Climbing Tower & Zip-line, Mountain Biking & A Jewish Culture Program.

Camp Louemma | Best Overnight Camps .com (2)

CAMP LOCATION: Camp Louemma is a top-rated coed sleep-away camp located on 152 acres along the Appalachian Trail, in scenic Sussex County, New Jersey, approximately 70 miles north and west of NYC. Please visit our website to view photos and a video clip of our beautiful camp facility at Our Camp Website Link:

CAMP FACILITIES: The numerous program facilities at Camp Louemma are well maintained and designed for the enjoyment of every camper. These facilities include a brand-new Olympic size, heated swimming pool with water slides, private lake, tennis and beach volleyball courts, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, softball and soccer fields, lighted hockey rink, archery range, climbing tower with zip line, gaga arena, mountain biking trails, mini-golf course, amphitheater, playground and more. Our indoor recreation hall, performing arts theatre, arts and crafts center, canteen, and radio station guarantee that rain or shine, there is always plenty to do at Camp Louemma.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Summer is a very special time when a child seeks to learn, explore and develop new skills, hobbies and interests.

The Camp Louemma program is specifically designed to meet the diverse and ever-expanding recreational needs and interests of our campers. Because our emphasis is on participation, personal achievement and skill attainment rather than on competition alone, campers of every age and skill level are made to feel comfortable and successful.

Through the use of scheduled activity periods and structured electives, each camper can experience a well-rounded program that includes athletics, aquatics, creative and performing arts and outdoor adventure. Our elective program allows each camper to have direct input into their daily schedule. During elective periods campers may wish to try new activities, concentrate on their favorite ones or enhance their existing skills by participating in individualized instruction or clinics. Each activity is conducted in a supportive, encouraging manner by an experienced counselor or specialist.

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: At age 15 we offer a Camper-Worker program where every other day the campers help the wait staff in our dining room. This program trains our campers for the following year when they become staff members at age 16. This program is called the WIT program (Workers In Training) where 16 and 17 year olds work as waiters and waitresses in our dining room.

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: We off scholarship on a case by case basis according to income and circ*mstance. Additionally, we offer the $1000 One Happy Camper Grant for all first time campers.

OTHER CAMP INFO: At Camp Louemma we have exciting evening activities such as luaus down at the lake, campfires, pool parties, game show nights, scavenger and treasure hunts, and DJ socials, just to name a few. We also go on several out-of-camp trips each session to places such as Action Park Water-Slide Park, Wawayanda State Park (a lake beach for sand castle building contests and swimming), mine tours, Sussex County Fair, Renaissance Fair, white water rafting, bowling and movies, as well as others.

Our teen campers, ages 13-15, also attend one overnight trip each session. We also bring in outside entertainment to camp from time to time...rock bands, magicians, DJs, hypnotists, etc. Please see our website at Our Camp Website Link: for more info about our program.

Main Camp (Grades 2-7)

Full Summer: June 25th to August 6th- $8295
Session 1: June 24th to July 15th - $4725
Session 2: July 15th to August 5th - $4725

Tuition includes ALL day trips, canteen, laundry, T-shirt and bunk photo.
Spending money for trips and transportation to and from camp are not included.

Teen Camp (Grades 8-10)

Full Summer: June 25th to August 6th- $8895
Session 1: June 24th to July 15th - $5025
Session 2: July 15th to August 5th - $5025
Tuition includes ALL day and overnight trips, canteen, laundry, T-shirt and bunk photo.
Spending money for trips and transportation to and from camp are not included.

Credits for First-Time Campers
$1000 - One Happy Camper Grant
Please call for more info on first time camper incentives!

For more information please logon to: Our Camp Website Link:

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