11 Refreshing Coffee Liqueur Recipes: Get Bougie and Boozy (2024)

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By Starla Gatson

Last updated: December 14, 2021

Did you know that you can make coffee liqueur at home? Well, I have a handful of the satisfyingly sweet recipe below for you all to test out. It is a bit of a process to make but the wait is well worth it. Serve up some tasty coffee co*cktails with these coffee liqueur recipes below.

1. Kahlua Copycat Liqueur Recipe

The Things Well Makes has a homemade Tia Maria or Kahlua copycat recipe for you all to try out. You get that same bottle flavor in a homemade version. Check here for the recipe.

2. Homemade Sugar-Free Coffee Liqueur Recipe

Want a sugar free version of a coffee liqueur? All Day I Dream About Food has created one awesome recipe that resembles Kahlua but in a sugar-free version. Click here for her recipe.

3. Homemade Chocolate Coffee Liqueur

In just seven days you can have this chocolate-coffee inspired Liqueur. Taste of Home created a beautiful recipe that will compliment any drink you serve up. See how it is made.

4. Christmas Coffee Liqueur

Eclectic Recipes shares how you can make your own Christmas coffee liqueur to get a vibrant flavor to sip on during a cold winter evening. It’s easy to make, and not to mention rich in flavor. The recipe is here.

5. Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

Or Whatever You Do, wanted to create a recipe that resembled the store-bought Kahlua. They got to work and created a pretty easy recipe for dressing up your coffee! Learn how to make homemade Kahlua.

6. Sweet Coffee Liqueur Recipe

This recipe from Serious Eats is perfectly sweet with a nice rum flavor that is perfect for adding to drinks or using in desserts. See how you make this sweet coffee liqueur.

7. Vodka Based Coffee Liqueur Recipe

The Make Your Own Zone has a really great recipe where she uses vodka and instant coffee to create a homemade liqueur. Head here for the recipe.

8. Espresso Liqueur Recipe

Olives and Okra created an espresso liqueur that will wake you up after a long day of work. This is an amped up version from a regular coffee liqueur recipe. Click here for her recipe.

9. Better than Kahlua

Creative Culinary has a recipe that she claims is even better than Kahlua. She created this liqueur for drinks and her favorite desserts. Learn how to make it here.

10. Cheap Coffee Liqueur Recipe

Delicious Days wanted a cheap but tasty coffee liqueur recipe people on a budget could make. Here is how to make this affordable liqueur.

11. Rich Chocolatey Liqueur

If you are a fan of chocolate and coffee you might really enjoy this recipe. Chocolate liqueur from Creative Culinary is great for drinks and desserts. See how it is made.

Enjoy these recipes, and let us know which one is your favorite!

Happy caffeinating!

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11 Refreshing Coffee Liqueur Recipes: Get Bougie and Boozy (2)
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11 Refreshing Coffee Liqueur Recipes: Get Bougie and Boozy (8)

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11 Refreshing Coffee Liqueur Recipes: Get Bougie and Boozy (2024)


What liquor goes with coffee liqueur? ›

Midnight Martini

The basic recipe requires vodka and the coffee liqueur of your choice. To ramp up the caffeinated aspect, pour an espresso vodka instead.

What is the alcohol content of coffee liqueur? ›

Coffee liqueur is a drink which is categorized under the beans liqueurs. The alcohol percentage is always around the 20 percent. The liqueur is made out of 96% alcohol, sugar, coffee beans and other ingredients.

Does coffee liqueur keep you up? ›

So, while most brands, such as Kahlúa or Mr. Black, use actual coffee to make their liqueur, the amount of caffeine is minimal when compared to straight-up coffee and shouldn't keep you up all night. If you cannot have caffeine, though, maybe this is a liqueur you should skip.

What are three types of liqueur coffee? ›

Here is a list of coffee liqueur beverages commonly served in the Americas.
  • English Coffee, with Gin. ...
  • Calypso coffee, Spanish coffee, or Jamaican coffee. ...
  • Witch's coffee, Strega. ...
  • Cafe Caribbean. ...
  • Carajillo. ...
  • American Coffee with bourbon/ Kentucky Coffee. ...
  • Mexican Coffee with Tequila and Kahlúa.
  • Coffee with absinthe.

What's good to mix with coffee liqueur? ›

Some popular drinks that can be made with Kahlua include:
  • White Russian: Kahlua, vodka, and cream.
  • Espresso Martini: Kahlua, vodka, and espresso.
  • Mudslide: Kahlua, vodka, Irish cream, and milk.
  • Black Russian: Kahlua and vodka.
  • Mind Eraser: Kahlua, vodka, and soda water.
Feb 4, 2023

What is a good coffee liqueur mixer? ›

With: Pineapple rum, coffee liqueur, orgeat syrup, pineapple juice, and espresso coffee. We say: An Espresso Martini with pineapple and almond. With: Vodka, espresso coffee, coffee liqueur, and saline solution. We say: One of the world's most popular co*cktails – for good reason.

Is Kahlua the same as coffee liqueur? ›

Originating in Mexico in 1936, Kahlúa is a rum and coffee liqueur loved all around the world. Used in a range of different drinks—from coffees to co*cktails—it goes hand in hand with many occasions. Classic co*cktails, like the White Russian, Espresso Martini and Black Russian just wouldn't be the same without it.

Is Baileys the same as coffee liqueur? ›

Traditional Baileys is not a coffee liqueur like Kahlua. It's a liqueur made from a unique blend of Irish cream with a subtle hint of cocoa and vanilla. However, Baileys' product line includes a coffee-flavored Irish cream made with espresso.

Does coffee liqueur go bad? ›

Does Kahlúa go bad? For Kahlúa Original, we recommend a shelf life of 4 years. Actually, the product will be good for many more years, but the coffee impact fades over time so it won't give you the full flavor impact.

Should you refrigerate coffee liqueur? ›

Whether you should refrigerate coffee liqueur mostly depends on its ingredients. Generally, most commercially produced coffee liqueurs like Kahlúa do not require refrigeration and can be stored at room temperature. These liqueurs have a high sugar content and alcohol content, which act as preservatives.

What alcohol puts you to sleep? ›

Other traditional nightcaps include brown liquor like brandy or bourbon, and cream-based liqueurs such as Irish cream. Wine, especially fortified, can also function as a nightcap. Since some nightcaps are made of amaro, a digestif, they are believed to also make settling into bed easier by promoting digestion.

Can you drink coffee liqueur straight? ›

Yes! Coffee liqueur is perfect for drinking both neat and stirred into other beverages. If you are drinking it straight, make sure you choose a high-quality bottle: cheaper brands may be overpoweringly sweet or carry an artificial coffee taste.

What's better Tia Maria or Kahlua? ›

Tia Maria tends to have a slightly more complex and smoother flavor profile compared to Kahlúa, with hints of chocolate and citrus.

What is a well known coffee flavored liqueur? ›

Some popular brands of coffee liqueurs include Kahlúa and Tia Maria, while popular chocolate liqueurs include Godiva and Mozart. These liqueurs can be enjoyed on their own or mixed with other ingredients to create a variety of delicious co*cktails.

What is a good substitute for Kahlua? ›

Beyond Kahlua
  • Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur. ...
  • St. ...
  • J.F. Haden's Espresso Liqueur. ...
  • Grand Brulot VSOP Cognac Café ...
  • Du Nord Cafe Frieda Coffee Liqueur. ...
  • Mozart Chocolate Coffee Liqueur. ...
  • Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey & Coffee. ...
  • Patron XO Café
Sep 27, 2022

What is good to mix with Kahlúa? ›

Bittersweet coffee pairs perfectly with the rich sweetness of Kahlua. Add vodka and the trio makes a full-flavored sophisticated drink that tastes like much more than the sum of its parts. It's cool, frothy, and just sweet enough.

Is coffee liqueur like Baileys? ›

Traditional Baileys is not a coffee liqueur like Kahlua. It's a liqueur made from a unique blend of Irish cream with a subtle hint of cocoa and vanilla. However, Baileys' product line includes a coffee-flavored Irish cream made with espresso.

Is RumChata good with coffee? ›

The perfect brunch beverage: RumChata Iced Coffee. 3 parts Iced Coffee + 1 part RumChata. Combine ingredients over plenty of ice in a tall glass and enjoy!


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